Why we exist

We exist to positively impact business performance through cultivating potential, removing mental obstacles to peak performance and inspiring personal and team transformations.



Build trust.



How we're different

We understand the direct relationship between the success of people and the success of business, and how to maximise the potential of both. We synthesise, decode and bring to life the most recent and relevant understanding on human behaviour, neuropsychology and professional development and apply it directly to business (your people/teams).

How the journey works

We recognise that every team has a different starting point and collective goal so our work with you begins by analysing your team’s current ‘reality’ and we work together to uncover any underlying obstacles to progress. We use a blend of theory and practical, hands-on tools to diagnose these problems and hotspots, then take those learnings to create a custom performance acceleration program to realise your team’s true potential.
The outcome is a team with a higher individual self-awareness, a greater sense of accountability and responsibility, a unified sense of purpose, better communication & collaboration and a renewed energy for creating business impact and delivering results.

We know this because we measure the impact of everything we do.

Program options.

There are many paths to creating a high-performing team. Our process remains flexible to suit local and multinational needs, but typically the ‘menu options’ feature the below.

These can be delivered together (5-day program) or over an 18-month period to create momentum. All of the below sessions are also available as discrete modules and delivered via 1-2 day workshop sessions.

Leveraging Mindset

Understand how perceptions, beliefs and our 4 different mindsets affect decision-making and how projection, thinking traps, and miscommunication can undo a team. Cultivate the self awareness required to lead and develop a growth and grit mindset.

Cultivating Purpose

Uncover what makes each person distinct and identify unique strengths, values and beliefs to articulate their individual purpose and tackle their work with new vigour. Learn how purpose informs each person’s motivation, approach to team goals and contribution to the collective purpose.

Influence & Impact

Explore how attitude and behaviour affects other team members and learn the difference between intent and actual impact.

Develop finely tuned skills and capabilities to enhance communication skills, skilfully influence, make better business decisions and have more effective relationships with all types of business partners.

Inspiring Leadership 

Learn how to lead and inspire a team. Come away with a clear team vision, with a well-crafted and motivating purpose. Tackle the obstacles which are holding your team back from its goals and unlock the collective values required to overcome your challenges.

Sharpening Focus

Access a unique toolbox to manage yourself, your time, your team and your projects. Use the Matrix of Productivity to reprogram your priorities (and your ‘lists’), the Goals Tracker to accelerate your performance and the Action Planning Canvas to make real progress with your quarterly objectives.

Management Retreats

We also regularly create and deliver bespoke management retreats in locations around Europe. For information on a bespoke session please email jodie@discoverleaps.com

Measurable impact.

*3,500+ delegates over the last 4 years


Trish McLoughlin, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Dove Global

“A highly engaging partner in raising team confidence and self-esteem. The positive energy created has inspired our team to crack even the hardest of challenges in a short period of time. She is a natural motivator, and her focus on nailing the end goal makes her a highly valued partner.”

“We’ll now work far better as a function. Our business partners will see an enormous change in how we perform and how we come across.”

– Alex Harrison, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Unilever

Marketing Team director (session with 70 attendees from around the world)

“I worked with Leaps People on developing a bespoke programme for a high performance team; we had an in-depth pre work and a 2 day workshop. The technique’s were collaborative, honest, direct, and energetic. The team was highly engaged because of the way the work was delivered and actioned.”

“Jodie is an inspiring, thought-provoking facilitator and coach. Her and her team designed and ran several workshops for us that challenged the delegates’ views of themselves and how they view their interaction in the workforce. I am excited to work with them again, particularly in a global capacity. Leaps People provides substantial results in a short period of time.” 

Noreen O’Prey, Global HR Director, WGSN

– Rosie O’ Malley, Marketing Director, Homecare, Unilever

“We’ve been working on individual purpose with our team and with the help of Leaps People this has been an inspiring and enriching experience. The sessions are perfectly pitched – not too lofty, easy to engage with and the right mix of input and reflection. The impact on individuals is fabulous to see – some get from zero to ‘I’ve cracked it’ in a day, others reflect for a bit longer – but wherever you end up at the end of a day, it’s a better place to where you started the day. You may feel like you’ve had a kick up the back side, but for sure you’ll have a smile on your face.”

“The biggest change I’ve noticed in my team is their confidence in themselves. This work not only made us more aware of the factors that can hold us back as individuals and the reasons behind that but it gave us the tools to deal with these factors, which ultimately results in a more positive and confident team.”

Jennifer Whyte, UK

About Jodie, LEAPS People CEO

For 17 years it has been Jodie’s business to understand what makes people tick, and to use that learning to help people be more engaged in their work, feel more empowered and so become more productive for the business they’re in.

She works frequently (across work levels) in large multinational corporations as well as for small businesses and individual career-builders. She is a human behaviour consultant, a professional development coach, a skills trainer and employee engagement expert. As a seasoned workshop facilitator she regularly delivers bespoke leadership and team building sessions on mindset and motivation, crafting individual and team purpose, and improving impact and influence. Jodie has a degree in psychology and interpersonal communications, and brings in neuroscience and sound empirical research to underpin all aspects of her work.