The ability to make rapid progress in the workplace has never been more essential than it is today.

Consider your average week; how much progress on your key projects do you truly feel is made? Many of my peers feel their progress is limited; they suffer from relentless overload. Their typical week is full of meeting-hopping and email shuffling, not getting work done.

The pressures are ever mounting and clear. Resources and budgets are under pressure, while expectations and responsibilities are rising. Work often gets wrongly siloed, and decision-making is hamstrung by ineffective processes. Even the most experienced teams in the world are facing this crunch.

There are also massive disruptions changing every industry. Rapid technological change, increasing availability of data, and working in an always-on world have each presented huge opportunities. However, they also come with challenges. Coordination has become increasingly difficult, focus is a rare commodity, and distinguishing signal from noise is all but impossible. These challenges are real; in the last 15 years, more than half of the FTSE 100 have fallen off the index.

Traditional frameworks are not flexible or fast enough for the accelerated pace of commerce today.

Adopting trendy agile working processes is also not the answer. Instead, you need quicker movement, closer contact with customers, more productive dialogue, and a way to capitalize on your own and your team’s ambition.

It might seem daunting, but if you make the right change to your framework now, you will be forever glad you did.

Consider these questions:

  • Would it be valuable to build and test campaigns, ideas, or product prototypes in days instead of months?
  • Would it manifest in clearer decisions if you received actionable insights from your real customers much earlier in your process?
  • Would there be more effective teamwork if actions could be taken quickly, instead of spending months in back-and-forth with an agency or internal teams?

We believe so. This is why we launched a new program, LEAPS, to meet market demands and disruptions. Teams who have already implemented the LEAPS approach have reaped benefits within one week.

It has been game-changing.

Just one week of deep focus on one project, and you will open the doors to a more productive and creative way of working. Before listing the many to-dos on your agenda and the pressures you’re facing, know that we have most likely experienced it, and we do understand. We are also confident this will positively change the way you think about any project or challenge in the future.

So, what does a LEAPS week look like?

Well, it does not look like the traditional weeks (or months) of briefs, proposals, campaign ideas, and politics. It is a refreshing dive into team productivity. It is learning and prototyping fast, incorporating diverse voices, building agreement on key questions, getting involved in the creative process yourself, and closing the gap between your brand and your future customers. Together, it is a fast-tracked solution validation program.

At the end of this week, you will close out with a robust prototype that is immediately screened to live audiences. Observe first-hand and in real-time their true reactions, don’t just skim a summary three weeks later with binary likes or dislikes, without the context of the important “why.”

This is a new model of working, a new way of doing things. It’s simple, rapid and has worked for diverse global brands who have found 10X returns from the process.

If you are an ambitious leader looking to achieve more with less, this week will be the start to a more productive future. If you are genuinely intrigued to learn more, we would be delighted to have a conversation. Let’s get to work.